Teeth Whitening

TEETH WHITENING — Over the years we found that many people would spend hundreds of dollars on many different whitening products; Crest White Strips, Over-the Counter gels, and other products, only to find they had to spend more money six months later to regain the whitening they had. In some cases people would just continue to use whitening products beyond the recommended use and develop other problems.

In order to deal with these two concerns we began an innovative program called —
Whitening For Life.™

For a one-time set-up fee of $49.00 we provide the necessary custom fit trays and whitening gels. Then, in order to maintain the result, we supply additional whitening gel at your regular cleaning visit for free.

Initial impressions and custom tray fabrication Daily use of individual specific whitening gel for a period of about two weeks Receive maintenance gel at your recommended regular cleaning visit

It is just that simple to achieve and maintain your
whitest smile!

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