Sensitive Teeth — For millions of people, sensitive teeth can make life miserable. The pain and discomfort make even favorite hot or cold foods impossible to enjoy. All is not lost. In many cases, sensitive teeth can be successfully treated bringing long sought after relief.

Twinges of pain or discomfort in our teeth in certain situations, including:
Sensitive Teeth Drinking or eating cold things
Sensitive Teeth Drinking or eating hot things
Sensitive Teeth Eating sweets
Sensitive Teeth Touching the teeth with other teeth or the tongue
Some Causes of Sensitivity:
Sensitive Teeth Brushing your teeth too hard This wears away the enamel layer.
Sensitive Teeth Poor oral hygiene This may allow tartar to build up at the gum line, leaching minerals from the tooth.
Sensitive Teeth Long-term tooth wear
Sensitive Teeth Untreated cavities
Sensitive Teeth An old filling with a crack or leak
Sensitive Teeth Receding gums that expose the tooth’s roots Receding gums often are caused by periodontal diseases or by brushing too hard.
Sensitive Teeth Gum surgery that exposes a tooth’s roots
Sensitive Teeth Excessive tooth whitening in people who have tooth roots that already are exposed
Sensitive Teeth Frequently eating acidic foods or drinking acidic beverages
Sensitive Teeth Decay or infection
Sensitive Teeth A recent filling
Sensitive Teeth Excessive pressure from clenching or grinding
Sensitive Teeth A cracked or broken tooth

We have in office and take home products that are very helpful in relieving sensitive teeth.

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